Our Talks from 2019

This post collects together our talks from 2019. Below you’ll find presentations covering mentoring and teaching, ethics in tech and what you can do, plus type class derivation changes on their way in Scala 3. Enjoy!

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Introducing Inner Product

We’re very proud to introduce Inner Product, our sister consultancy serving the North American market. All of Underscore’s USA and Canadian work will gradually transition to Inner Product. For our customers this should mean no disruption in service, as many of the same people from Underscore also work with Inner Product. The only difference is Inner Product will be better able to serve our customers on the other side of the Atlantic.

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Our Talks from 2018

This posts collects together our talks from 2018. Inside you’ll find a delicious selection of topics, including: algebras, interpreters, DSLs, compiler enhancements, entire custom languages,avoiding string typing, and deep learning. Enjoy, and come over and say hi to us if you’re at a Scala conference in 2019.

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Bridging Scala and the Front-End

In this blog post we will talk about Bridges, a simple library that generates front-end code from your Scala ADTs and reduces the friction of changing your data model. We will present the project, show how to use it, and list some common traps to avoid when creating your ADTs. We will also showcase some advanced features for projects using Scala and Elm.

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